Don’t just open your doors for real estate business, throw them wide open!

Congratulations – you’ve got your real estate license!  Now what!?  Of course you will need to order business cards, learn your local contracts, and get your MLS access setup, but let’s cut to the chase… it’s time to get some business!

Your first order of business should be to announce your new position and career to your database.  You’ll find that the people in your database that you already know will likely be your biggest supporters and advocates as you build and grow your real estate career.  Take advantage of your new career by announcing your decision to sell real estate, and make the most of it by contacting EVERYONE!

Your Database

If you haven’t already done so, you should upload all of your contacts into a contact management software program.  Your broker may already offer a system for doing this – check with them first before you pay for an online vendor or service.  Be sure to systematically categorize your database (ie: local contacts, out-of-state contacts, business affiliates, other real estate agents, etc.).  By doing so, you can strategically market to each group to better provide a value that meet their needs.

Develop an Announcement Letter

You want to be the first person people think of when they think “real estate.”  Your one-page announcement letter should include the following:

  • Your announcement letter should be an attention-grabber
  • Don’t overwhelm people with too much text and content
  • Highlight your value proposition and benefits of your service
  • Share why you chose to pursue a real estate career
  • Include something of value
  • Ask for their business or referrals

What to Do Next

Start by mailing your announcement letter to everyone in your database that you have an address for.  At the same time, email your announcement letter to everyone in your database that you have an email address for.  You want to make sure you announce this to EVERYONE!

A few days after you’ve sent out your announcement letters, begin making phone calls.  Go through your database and call every person in it.  Use a script to help guide you through the conversation.  Here’s some tips for what to include in your script and dialogue with people:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask if they have a minute or two to speak
  • Inform them of your recent career change or move
  • Ask if you have their support as you embark on this new venture
  • Ask who they know who is looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate
  • Collect any referral contact info, and let them know you will give them a call
  • Ask if they would mind if you send them updates and valuable information from time to time
  • Collect their full contact info (address, email, etc.) and add it to your database

After you have sent out your announcements, be sure to create a follow-up schedule for staying in touch with your database.  Aim to give everyone a call at least once every 45-60 days.

Some of your best experience will come by way of learning through your first transaction.  The more people that know you are in real estate, the quicker you will be likely to close on your first deal and gain valuable experience!