Make use of your Sunday afternoon by meeting new prospective clients!

Scheduling an open house provides a great opportunity for the public to view a home listed for sale, whether buyers are currently searching for a home, or just casually keeping an eye on what is available in the real estate market.  However, open houses also serve as a chance for agents to meet new prospective clients.

Lead Generating at Open Houses

There are a number of sources and paths you can choose when it comes to lead generating.  The key to successful lead generation is figuring out what methods work best for you, and then mastering that method or technique to create the best results.  When it comes to open houses, keep in mind the following:

  • Develop a connection with open house attendees – build rapport, collect all of their contact information, and determine their reason and motivation for moving.
  • Don’t come off as “salesy” – don’t come off too strong. Rather, offer information and assistance upon attendees’ arrival, allow them moderate space as they view the home, and politely follow-up after they have viewed the home.
  • Be the local expert! Dress to impress, know what homes are active, sold, sale pending, and expired in the neighborhood, and have a solid understanding of current market trends in your area.
  • Always ask if they are working with an agent already. It is a violation of the NAR Code of Ethics to solicit business to individuals currently under contract or working with an agent.
  • Make the close by asking them when would be a good time to meet to discuss their real estate needs and go over how you may be able to assist them in their move.

Maximize Your Open House Traffic

If you want to have a successful open house with as much traffic as possible, it will require a bit of effort.  Here are a few tips to maximize your open house traffic:

  • Provide ample directional signs at neighborhood streets and intersections to guide the public to the open house. TIP: attach balloons to your directional signs to better catch peoples’ attention.
  • Invite the closest 100 neighbors to stop by. Yes, you may just get some nosey neighbors, but you will also talk to people who may know someone interested in buying or selling a home.  TIP: invite neighbors by going door to door – they will appreciate your effort and see you as a motivated and driven professional.
  • Reach out to your database and invite them to the open house. Again, whether they are looking to buy a home or not, they could very well know someone who is thinking about it.
  • Send an invitation to your allied resources or other business professionals in your network. They will appreciate you thinking of them, and will be apt to share it with others as well.
  • Advertise your open house on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. People will be able to share the information with others.
  • Talk to other agents who are holding open houses nearby. Ask them to provide a list of all open houses that day for attendees to check out – this will increase everyone’s traffic, and give you a chance to capture more possible leads.

Especially when starting out as a new agent, open houses are a great way for agents to learn about the areas they work in, as well as meet new prospective clients.  After holding open houses for a while, you will find you have mastered your open house scripts, and it is easier to convert people from lead to client!