Leveraging the power of Social Media!

In today’s world, businesses can no longer choose to ignore the power of social media. From Tweets, Facebook Posts, Intagram Photos & LinkedIn Updates, social media is everywhere we look! Here are a few tips to help better utilize social media in your own business.

  • Setup a business specific page for the various social media networks you wish to participate in

Try not to simply piggyback off of a personal account you may already own. It is important for you to begin to create an online identity and presence for your business.  Also, don’t try to participate in every single social media network out there. Pick the ones that are most relevant to your industry and manageable for you to keep updated on a continuous basis.

  • Set goals to keep your activity level routine and consistent

Create a realistic plan for how active you plan to be on the various social media services you are subscribed to. If you are not consistent with providing content to your audience, chances are they will fill the gaps you leave behind with someone or something else. Try to find the line between posting too much information and not posting enough.

  • The content and information you provide is important

Keeping your audience engaged is detrimental to your success. It may not be wise to constantly bombard your following with advertisements for your products and services. You must find a balance of promoting your offerings while providing useful and valuable content to your clients.

  • Properly setup your social media pages

Don’t be sloppy when it comes to customizing your social media pages. Be sure to keep your brands identity uniform across all platforms. Take a few extra minutes to create “vanity URL’s” which will aid in brand recognition.  Unique tools such as HootSuite provide an easy and efficient way for you to manage multiple social media networks from one place.

Be patient! Your success in social media will not happen overnight. If you’re diligent and focused, social media can be a great tool to help make your business even more prosperous.