Technology at Your Fingertips!

It’s no secret that technology plays and enormous role in our lives every day and now more than ever it is vital to a business’s success. Whether you’re looking to buy a gadget, research vendors or start your home search, more often than not the internet is where you turn to first. While establishing and maintaining a website for your business may seem overwhelming initially, the benefits and long term gains you may experience can definitely pay off.

Know Your Audiencemen-695653_640
Not all websites are created equal and they can all serve very different purposes. It’s important to understand what you want to accomplish and what your visitors will expect from your website. The functionality and usability of your website will ultimately determine how people react to your site. If the navigation is difficult and your site is a maze of frustration, visitors will immediately dismiss the valuable content you could be providing. Knowing your audience will help you determine the content to provide and where it should be located.

Your home search tool should be easy to use and appealing.
Provide automatic search result notifications.
List local resources and vendor recommendations.
Allow various options for a visitor to contact you (contact form, phone number, email, etc.)

Content that is Engaging book-602633_640
Think of your website as a tool to interact with potential clients. Provide content and information that allows the user to accomplish specific tasks. Obviously property search capabilities for a Real Estate Agent is a given, but try to think of other tools a potential client may want to utilize (mortgage calculators, town statistics, market trends, important industry specific news, promotions/sweepstakes just to name a few).

Collect feedback from you clients. The more feedback you receive the better. Not everyone will be looking for the same things but you’ll gain insight on the variety of content that your clients value most. One question I always ask myself is: “How can I make this task easier and more efficient for my clients and myself”.

One final note to remember is to keep your website “fresh”. Take the time to add and update new content regularly. Make your website the one people in your business turn to.